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thirty three ∞ smooth sailing


LIVE PREVIEWS Structual Inequality
style S2; Smooth Sailing
accounts Basic & Paid
browsers Safari, Chrome, Firefox (does not work well in IE)
Resolutions all
disabled features sidebar

HOW TO INSTALL if you need help installing your S2 layout, click the "how to install" link for a detailed guide on how to install any S2 layout.
install the code

Features fixed navigation header & navigation, transparent backgrounds, date hovering the user icons
Additional Customization In order to get the date like it is in the preview, you must go tothe entry text section, and for the Format for Date and Time (Recent/Friends/Entry/Reply page) change it to this

%%mon%% %%dd%% %%yyyy%%

The date in each entry hovers the user icon, depending on the color of the icon, you may need to change the font color, find this code, and where is says CHANGE, enter another color like #000 (black), #fff (white), etc.

.entryHeaderDate a {color: CHANGE; text-decoration : none; font-family: helvetica;}

Credits tiny icons by brand spanking new
Questions If you have a questions, please make sure you read through all the information provided here, and the FAQ before you ask. I will not answer/help if you don't take the time out to find an answer before coming to me. Questions can be directed to the FAQ entry, please do not PM me.
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Tags: !maker: apologize, &style: smooth sailing, type: layout

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