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Moodtheme Archive

I've been going through the moodtheme posts, and discovered that a lot of the files have been deleted so I'm going to make an archive post with updated links. Like I stated with the last moodtheme I made I will no longer be hosting the images on my photobucket. If I disappear again, I want you guys to be able to use them without having to wait for me to come back and update everything, that way you can use them at your leisure.

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Another new update!

Hey guys,
I'm sorry for so many updates but I just realized that my Britney Spears animated mood theme and the N Sync and Britney animated mood theme files were deleted from my account. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but I can't get them back so if you guys want to use them I suggest using the alternative instructions posted because those mood themes are still uploaded on my photobucket so those files in the text box should still be good, but I will work on getting gifs back and uploading them into a .zip again but it is going to take a while, so please be patient with me.

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Well, school time has finally arrived, unfortunately. And although I said I had all these huge plans for this place this summer that clearly didn't turn out. But as usual, my time here will be very few and far between for the next 8ish months. Hopefully, I can slowly work on some mood themes and layouts and try to get them done but I can't make any promises. As far as layout help goes, you can leave your comments in the FAQ as usual, and I will try to answer them quickly, but I suggest other communities such as mintyhelp & tutorialayouts (There is a larger list in the FAQ) to try to answer your layout questions in my absence.

For those of you starting another school year yourselves, good luck and I wish you well! :)

Alexis Nicole
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just a little poll.

I was going through some old posts at mintyapple to see if there were any new comments on my layouts about issues/problems with them and i noticed that almost every other comment was "saving to mems!" which made me think, how many layouts users have saved to mems, and if they ever go back and check their mems to use one of their saved layouts, or if they ever even remember they saved them and just end up getting more recent ones. basically, i was just curious. i actually don't have any layouts saved to mems, and i very rarely change my layout. how many times would you say you change your layout, per month?

how many layouts do you have saved to mems? (i don't mean mine specifically, just in general)

less than 5